I remember the first time I truly took a photo on my own. I was in 6th grade on a school trip called Outdoor Ed. We were walking through the forest and everything, was beautiful. I remember looking to my right and seeing a moss-covered set of stairs  carving up the mountain through the trees, man made but slowly growing old with nature. It was nothing much but in that moment, I felt the need to capture how beautiful it was to me: the way the light streaming through the trees hit it just right and the green of the foliage contrasted perfectly with the chipped grey steps.

I will never forget taking that picture with the digital camera that my stepfather had gotten me. From that day, I knew that something in me was driven to capture the beauty I saw every day, both in the people around me and the world I lived in. Slowly over the years, the camera became more and more an essential accessory to my lifestyle, and it was rare that I was seen without it.

Now, as a fresh college graduate, I have been asking myself, what is it that I love? What do I love and want to do in life? Photography has never been something I have seriously considered, but as my photographs have been gaining more and more popular on social media and the requests for my services has increased, I think I should give it a shot.